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What We Provide

Staffords is a self service launderette, we offer two sizes of washers and tumble dryer with large drums. We regularly carry out maintenance on our machines. However if there are any issues we urge you to please get in contact with us so we can fix them as soon as possible.

We are now taking Contactless payments as well as coin payments. 


Large Wash     £9  (up to 18kg)
Small Wash     £5 (up to 9.5kg)

Wash times depends on cycle selected (avg 25mins)

The new installation of JLA20 and JLA40 washing machines is guaranteed to provide you with a fantastic wash.

With smart wash technology not only will they provide you with the best wash possible, they are now even more eco-friendly!


4 minutes of drying     50p 

We use double stack ADC dryers where possible and Loadstar dryers which offer a fantastic large drum drying experience. With variable temperature control, you wont need to worry about heat damaging your beloved items. 

The large drums allow for a fantastic tumble dry, allowing heat to evenly permeate through your items, allowing the fibres to relax meaning less ironing! Be sure to fold them while still warm!

Drying Price converted into minutes

50p = 4 minutes of drying
£1 = 8 minutes of drying
£1.50p = 12 minutes of drying
£2 = 16 minutes of drying
£2.50p = 20 minutes of drying
£3 = 24 minutes of drying
£3.50p = 28 minutes of drying
£4 = 32 minutes of drying
£4.50p = 36 minutes of drying
£5 = 40 minutes of drying
£5.50= 44 minutes of drying
£6 = 48 minutes of drying
£6.50p = 52 minutes of drying
£7 = 56 minutes of drying
£7.50p = 1 Hour of drying

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